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The film showcases the beauty of Water Grab territory and the stark reality that there isn't extra water for SNWA's 84-inch, 300-mile, $15.5 BILLION pipeline project.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority [SNWA] is proposing to install a 300-mile pipeline from eastern and central Nevada to enhance Las Vegas' already limited groundwater supply.

If constructed, the pipeline would transport 162,000 acre or 53 billion gallons of water each year from rural Nevada to Las Vegas [see maps]. We call this outdated, unnecessary project the Water Grab. View our short video that tells the story of the Water Grab in the words of the people affected.

Here are the people and places that would be affected by SNWA's water importation scheme.

Abigail Johnson, Great Basin Water Network [GBWN]
Brandi Roberts, Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership
Tom Myers, Hydrologist Don Duff, Fisheries Biologist

Hank Vogler, Stockman

Rod McKenzie, Dairy Farmer

Dave Baker — Rancher

Farrel Lytle, Lincoln County Resident

Rick Spilsbury, Tribal Environmentalist

Delaine Spilsbury, Tribal Elder


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