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Why Donate to the Water Network. Your tax–deductible contribution is essential to ensure that we can continue to provide technical, scientific, and legal assistance about water use and management issues to rural communities, ranchers and farmers, and conservationists.

We must prevent the destruction of desert springs and wetlands by politically powerful water agencies in Nevada and Utah. These agencies have plans in place to export billions of gallons of water annually to support unsustainable urban sprawl. Join our financial supporters like Patagonia with your donation today.

Sign our online petition. Decisions on water projects are being made every day by local governments, state legislatures, and congress. Sign our "Stop the Water Grab" online petition and it will help us inform decision makers that opposition to the project is strong. Help us even more by getting your family and friends to sign up, too. We have a short-term goal of 1000 signatures. Sign today!

Sign our online petition to show your opposition to the water grabs.

Contact your city council member and county commissioners. Tell them to enact laws and guidelines that protect current residents and the rural environment from sprawl and unbridled growth. Demand sensible and broad-based water conservation policies and practices that promote and reward high levels of conservation.

Contact your governor and state legislators. Urge them to support policies that do not destroy the Great Basin's diverse economy or the environment. Laws should protect rural areas from becoming dust bowls due to groundwater transfers.

E-mail or phone your Washington, D.C. legislators. Tell them your views and ask what they intend to do about huge development and the federal government policies about land and water trades that ultimately threaten to destroy rural communities.

Make Your Voice Heard. Write letters to the editor. Attend public hearings, comment on federal, state and local actions. Be an advocate for wise water use.

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