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The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) protects the water resources of the Great Basin for current and future residents. Read our 40 questions and answers about the Las Vegas Water Grab Las Vegas Water Grab Rejected by Nevada Supreme Court Press Releases, GWBN Newsletters & Other Documents

In The News — Below are press stories about the Southern Nevada Water Authority's "water grab" in Nevada and Utah as well as other "mega" water projects that threaten the Great Basin and/or the Colorado River system. [Note: Stories open in new browser window]

08/ 2018 — Water Grab Opponents Declare Victory — Nevada State Engineer Rejects SNWA’s Water Applications — GBWN

October 10, 2018 — Utah just experienced its driest year since scientists have kept records — Since official weather records have been kept, Utah has never experienced a year with as little precipitation as it did in 2018 and only one previous year registered higher average temperatures — sltrib.com

October 10, 2018 — Western states release proposed agreements for drought-stricken Colorado River — States that rely on the shrinking supply of water from the Colorado River have released drafts of a set of agreements intended to prevent reservoirs on the river from falling to perilously low levels — azcentral.com

October 09, 2018 — California, 6 Other States Agree to Colorado River Management Plan Amid Unprecedented Drought — Seven Southwestern U.S. states that depend on the overtaxed Colorado River have reached landmark agreements on how to manage the waterway amid an unprecedented drought, including a commitment by California to bear part of the burden before it is legally required to do so, officials said Tuesday — ktla.com

October 09, 2018 — I-Team: Ex-water district employee pleads guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion — www.lasvegasnow.com

October 09, 2018 — PRESS RELEASE: Without Glen Canyon Dam Removal, Today’s Announced ‘Drought Contingency Plan’ is a Lost Cause — savethecolorado.org

October 08, 2018 — In Colorado, Water Bosses Begin to Accept Climate Change Impacts — VAIL, COLORADO – The phrase “climate change” did not appear on the agenda of a recent three-day meeting of the Colorado Water Congress, but the topic was often front and center at the conference, as it increasingly is at water meetings around the state and the region — newsdeeply.com

October 05, 2018 — The country’s cheapest water is in the West’s driest cities — By charging more for nonessential gallons, cities could keep water affordable for everyone — hcn.org

September 30, 2018 — Arizona officials look to reach Colorado River drought deal — Progress is being made in talks toward a set of agreements for cities, farmers and tribes to share in Colorado River water cutbacks, according to Arizona water officials. The Arizona Republic reports that the state water officials also want to join in a larger proposed deal to prevent Lake Mead from dropping even further. Arizona water managers have been leading a series of biweekly meetings since July to work out details of the proposed drought-contingency plan — sacbee.com

September 28, 2018 — Native American Group to Run Across Nevada in Water Protest — LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Members of Nevada's Native American communities are planning to run nearly 300 miles next week to call for more sustainable water management in the state. The Nevada state engineer denied a permit in August for a controversial pipeline plan decades in the making, to pump groundwater hundreds of miles from eastern Nevada to Las Vegas. The Southern Nevada Water Authority says it will appeal the decision — publicnewsservice.org

September 25, 2018 — [Salt Lake] Tribune editorial: As flow gets low and permits get slow, will Lake Powell pipeline still go? — By the time the Lake Powell pipeline is built, will there be enough water to put in it? In a split decision, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled last week that its oversight of any pipeline project would be limited to the hydroelectric dams that may be built along the pipeline route — sltrib.com

September 21, 2018 —[Editorial] In our opinion: Should Las Vegas pump water it doesn't own? — Desert News

September 21, 2018 — Carson City – Today on the radio edition of the Nevada Capital News, we chat with a conversation with Great Basin Water Network spokesperson Howard Watts about the petition for judicial review filed yesterday in Nevada’s Seventh Judicial District Court in Ely. The petition, led by White Pine County and Great Basin Water Network, appeals the Nevada State Engineer’s August 17 Ruling on the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s water rights applications for the pipeline — knvc.org

September 20, 2018 — Federal agency declines to handle all permitting for Lake Powell Pipeline — The federal agency that had been handling the permitting process for the Lake Powell Pipeline announced Thursday it doesn't have jurisdiction to handle the entire project on its own. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission submitted an order indicating it would only consider permitting for the hydroelectric facilities proposed for the project, and not the remaining 89 miles of connecting water delivery pipelines, although it would continue as the lead agency in charge of environmental analysis. Environmental organizations, taxpayer watchdog groups and others opposed to the project celebrated the decision, arguing it could potentially set back the permitting process and require better scrutiny of the project plans

September 19, 2018 — Appeals pour in over ruling against Las Vegas pipe water plan — The appeals are piling up over a recent state decision blocking the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s plans to pipe groundwater from Eastern Nevada. Four days after water authority board members approved a court challenge of State Engineer Jason King’s Aug. 17 ruling, opponents of the controversial pipeline project launched an appeal of their own targeting a specific part of last month’s decision — Las Vegas Review Journal [More Informtion]

September 18, 2018 — Pipeline opponents to SNWA: See you in court — Less than a week after the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) board voted unanimouslyto appeal a recent ruling by the state engineer that denied the authority water rights for its groundwater pumping and pipeline project, opponents are taking the matter back to court. Monday, a broad coalition of 59 organizations and individuals opposed to the SNWA project filed a petition for judicial review in Nevada’s Seventh Judicial District Court in Ely. Nevada State Engineer Jason King previously denied SNWA’s water rights applications before appealing his own decision, claiming his office was prevented from granting the water authority’s permits due to constraints by previous court requirements – nevadacurrent.com[More Informtion] [More Coverage — Elynews.com]

September 18, 2018 — Utah groups want to tank Nevada's groundwater pumping plan — SALT LAKE CITY — A broad coalition of groups say a judge should tank a mitigation and monitoring plan associated with Nevada's efforts to pump groundwater in the arid desert next to Utah. A petition, led by Nevada's White Pine County and the Great Basin Water Network, was filed Monday in Nevada's 7th District Court objecting to the "3M" plan approved in State Engineer Jason King's August ruling — www.ksl.com

September 14, 2018 — Can We Operate the Colorado River Differently Amid Climate Change? — THE COLORADO RIVER watershed faces increasing challenges from chronic water shortage. And it appears increasingly likely this is a new permanent condition, not an episodic drought. As a result, the many reservoirs built in the watershed – large and small – may have to be operated differently to optimize new precipitation patterns and snowmelt routines. That is a complicated problem, because they are all operated by different entities, with different water demands and unique environmental and flood-control concerns. But if the 40 million people who depend on the Colorado River are to continue thriving, something’s got to be done. Jack Schmidt, a professor of watershed sciences at Utah State University, is about to start a large new research project . . . newsdeeply.com

September 13, 2018 — I-Team: SNWA head back to court to keep multi-billion dollar water siphoning project alive — LAS VEGAS - Southern Nevada water agencies are headed back to court to fight to keep a multi-billion dollar water project alive. During a special meeting Thursday, Southern Nevada Water Authority board members voted to appeal a recent decision by the state engineer which temporarily slammed the door on a controversial plan to siphon groundwater from rural Nevada — lasvegasnow.com [More Coverage — thenevadaindependent.com] [Read/Download — SNWA's Petition For Judicial Review]

September 13, 2018 — Crisis at Lake Powell Looms Large as Long-Term Drought Reaches Upstream — newsdeeply.com

September 11, 2018 — Utah copes with drying streams, dying animals as drought tightens its grip — with no relief in sight — sltrib.com

September 11, 2018 — Southerner Sisolak comes out against Vegas plan to import rural water — Gubernatorial contender Steve Sisolak has come out against a plan pushed for decades by Southern Nevada interests to pump water from the rural counties to accommodate Las Vegas needs. Sisolak, a Democrat, took the position while answering water policy questions that The Nevada Independent posed to both candidates for governor.

The campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, who currently serves as the state’s attorney general, did not reply to the questions about water. The Nevada Independent sent numerous emails to a spokesman and two top campaign operatives in the last two weeks thenevadaindependent.com

September 10, 2018 — Southern Nevada Water Authority expected to appeal pipeline plan ruling — It looks like the Southern Nevada Water Authority won’t be taking no for an answer. The authority board will hold a rare special meeting Thursday to launch an appeal of the most recent state ruling against the agency’s plans to pipe groundwater to Las Vegas from across eastern Nevada — Las Vegas Review Journal

September 07, 2018 — 'It's more of the same:' As warming trend continues in Nevada, Las Vegas breaks record for summer temperature — For the third year in a row, Las Vegas posted record summer temperatures, a trend that climate scientists expect to continue into the future with implications for public health, energy use and water supply in the most arid state — thenevadaindependent.com

September 06, 2018 — Grab is dead in the water — A recent crucial regulatory decision favored the good guys in Nevada’s interminable water wars. State Engineer Jason King ruled against the plan by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) to import groundwater through a 300-mile pipeline in Eastern Nevada to feed the rapacious thirst of Las Vegas. King’s decision to deny all water rights applications for the water grab was hailed as a tremendous victory for the odd folks coalition of activists, a coalition featuring progressive conservationists, conservative ranchers and farmers, tribal leaders and their members, rural county commissioners and people of all political stripes who recreate in the pristine desert and range of Eastern Nevada, who have worked since 1989 to thwart the water thieves — newsreview.com

September 04, 218 — Colorado River Flows Drop By 15 Percent Over Last 100 Years — kunc.org

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